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Nice game, really enjoyed the demo and I've Pre-Ordered it. Looking forward to playing this over Xmas.

Thanks for your support. There are still some final touches needed but development is coming along nicely.

Ok so, I have no experience with the hardware, playing or developing, but the music in this game has convinced me, I think, that maybe it's time to look into it! It's so lovely and appropriate to the theme.

Ah, yes. The AY-3-8912 from General Instruments/Microchip Technology is the 'musical' heart of many a home computer, ZX Spectrum, MSX, Amstrad CPC, for example. Even some arcade machines used it back in the day, 1942, Frogger, and more. There is a Wikipedia page for it here.

me again, ok it works 

Fantastic, enjoy!

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on my spectrum 128k +2b only appears the scenario the player doen't appear nor everything moves on the screen only music and scenario :(

Sorry to hear it's not working for you. Currently only the +2 and below are supported due to the games use of the floating bus feature which is not supported by the +2b hardware. Stay tuned to the Devlog, if I find a resolution I'll post an update there.

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Aw hey! :) I remember we talked about it a year ago, I just looked and oh god I forgot to reply to your last email. I so sorry. But great to see you keeping at it. :) I'mma pre-order it and give that latest demo a go. :)  Glad my old pixels were good for something.

By the way, my username hasn't been Carnivac for about, I dunno, a decade?  I never made that ZXArt page. I don't know who did. The images on it certainly weren't from 2014 as it says. Actually did them in 2010 so I think whoever uploaded them to ZXArt did so in 2014. :) Anyways my name ain't hugely different but was tweaked in case Hasbro registered 'Carnivac' (which is a Transformers character) and I wanted something a bit more unique. :D

Hey Carnivius, (got your username right this time ;)) great to hear from you. Thanks for the support! I updated your username and linked to your profile.

Stay tuned to the Devlog for updates.

Aw thanks for the name adjust! :D
Yeah I'm following you now (not in a creepy stalker way) and I played the demo earlier. Man I suck at it but I'm having fun playing it. :)

I didn't think it was creepy... Until you mentioned it, and now it's weird... Just kidding.

I've been told it's 'Brutally Hard'. I've been playing a lot as I've been developing so I guess I'm used to it.

Awesome ! When is the final release ?

In true Speccy style I hope to have it complete by Christmas. Stay tuned to the Devlog for updates.


Nice game!

Thanks! Great video. You nearly found the secret passage to the lower portion of the rightmost 2 levels ;)

Cool game for retrolovers. Thumb up.